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We Will Never Forget 9-11-01

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"Mother, father please explain to me
How this world has come to be...
While still blessed in all the things we see
Such a sad, sad home for you and me..."

~David J. Matthews -- Mother Father -- Everyday~

All of us from Ants Marching are deeply saddened and outraged by the barbarous acts of terrorism on the American people and the world at large.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathies go out to our colleagues, friends, families, fans and fellow Americans who have been affected by this unthinkable tragedy.

We are also most grateful to those courageous individuals who put themselves in harm's way to help ensure the health, well being and safety of the communities in which we all live and especially in those communities that have been singled out for these cowardly acts.

As the horror of the terrorist attacks unfolds, Ants Marching asks that Long Islanders, New Yorkers, and people in surrounding states and across the country start making plans to give blood and donate money. Although the damage has yet to be assessed, we know that the area will require a tremendous amount of donated blood. Please consider contributing whatever you can.

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to find the blood donation center nearest you, or, call: 1-800-933-2566. Understand, too, that the phone lines have been overwhelmed, so if you get a busy signal keep trying.

Also, if you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross online, you can do so at:

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On a personal note, September 11, 2001 was the most difficult day I've endured. As many of you know, I'm an elementary school music teacher in Eastern Long Island. It was most challenging to keep children calm, and ensure them that they were safe in my classroom.

Most of you just see on perform on a stage, but you don't really know who we are inside. I mainly travel with my drummer Andrew Rella. We often perform in NJ, and we travel home directly after the show. We take Staten Island to the Verazano Bridge, and hop onto the B-Q E. One of my favorite sights in the world was slowing down as the lower Manhattan skyline comes into view. Andrew and I would always look in amazement, and comment on how beautiful NYC is. I can't believe the Twin Towers are gone. I can't believe so many people have suffered.

God Bless,
Peace, Love, and DMB,
Craig Knapp
Ants Marching

"While we wait...
head in hands...
hands in prayer...
and fall into a dreamless sleep again..."

~David J. Matthews -- Cry Freedom - Crash

Dave Matthews Official Warehouse Announcement

It is hard to know what to say in the wake of this great tragedy. Nothing seems enough. In one moment the unspeakable is the headline; the unbelievable as real as the rising and setting of the sun. I am both outraged and afraid. This is an attack on each and every one of us.

We, as Americans and as members of the world community, must be united in our mourning and focused in our anger; united in our resolve to find the solution. Let us find strength and comfort in the wisdom and diversity of this great land.

Dave Matthews

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