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Name:  Klingeltoene    E-Mail:   
25admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday August 12, 2003 - 06:38pm  
Hello! I am really glad that my way crossed by this great-made page! :) Greetings, Klingeltoene
Name:  Sms Sprueche    E-Mail:   
24admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday August 7, 2003 - 12:30pm  
Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings.
Name:  Edonkey    E-Mail:   
23admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday August 3, 2003 - 10:53am  
Hi, just surfed in with my best friend and enjoyed your website. Best wishes to all of you... Enjoy :-)
Name:  Dsl Flatrate    E-Mail:   
22admin deleteadmin edit  Wednesday July 30, 2003 - 04:25pm  
Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excellent graphics and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed wonderful and I bookmarked it. Kind Regards, D. Flatrate
Name:  Ariana De Luca    E-Mail:   
City:  rockypoint, ny usa
21admin deleteadmin edit  Monday July 28, 2003 - 12:53pm  
HEY MR.Knapp cool page! Thanks for everything this year! u were GREAT! ill miss you!
~ Ariana *~o o~*
Name:  Posters    E-Mail:   
20admin deleteadmin edit  Monday July 28, 2003 - 09:01am  
I found this site very important for me
Name:  Bilder Handylogos    E-Mail:   
19admin deleteadmin edit  Saturday July 26, 2003 - 07:58pm  
Creative and insightful website. I enjoyed browsing. Content and design are very nice.
Name:  Steve    E-Mail:   
18admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday July 24, 2003 - 02:13pm  
Ants sounds great, DMB isn't the easiest music to play and you guys do it realy well. Can't wait to see you again.
Where can I find some more stuff on The Creep? When are they playing next? This site has tons of info on Ants but is there anyplace for Creep info? Caught the band at the Village Pub opening for Ants, liked it a lot.
Name:  Dsl Flatrate    E-Mail:   
17admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday July 24, 2003 - 01:13am  
I just surfed in and found your site, I really enjoyed the visit and hope to come back soon.
Name:  Matt    E-Mail:   
City:  Port Jefferson, NY 
16admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday July 22, 2003 - 09:20pm  
Excellent sound! You play some mean covers of the band, the myth the legend. I always enjoy myself at your shows. keep on jammin'! You always kept my Dave fix in place when i am not able to see him in person. Thanks for the music.
Name:  Mike    E-Mail:   
15admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday July 22, 2003 - 12:10pm  
Does Ants ever play any outdoor venues on Long Island? I would love to see you guys in a more laid back enviorment than the typical Long Island club or bar.
and will the Creep be doing any of the Long Island outdorr things like Bradstock? Saw them at the Village Pub and I think they would fit in great with bands like Mother Freedom and the Others, some other good local bands.
anyway, both bands sound great guys, keep it up.
Name:  Linke  
14admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday July 20, 2003 - 04:28pm  
I love your site. Thanks a lot for the efforts put into it, was a great read.
Name:  Joe  
13admin deleteadmin edit  Saturday July 19, 2003 - 06:18pm  
what is this I keep hearing about an original band, the Creep is it? what kind of music do you guys play? where is your next show? From what I've heard about them it sounds like the best kept secret on Long Island. do you have a web site with some sound samples and stuff?
ps. Ants Marching Rocks!!! Looking forward to the Downtown show, probally the next chance I'll get to see you guys.
Name:  Therese    E-Mail:   
Club:  Village Pub
12admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday July 17, 2003 - 04:07am  
First, you guys are fantastic! I've seen you perform several times, but the last was at the Village Pub and I actually spoke to Andrew inquiring about some of your original stuff. You gave me your CREEP CD and I was wondering if CREEP will be playing anywhere anytime soon. I was also totally shocked to read that you had attended MSM prep. I attended the school from 91-94 as well, as a violin major! Anyway...keep it up -you guys are great! Brian, you're a kick ass violinist! Lookin' forward to seein' you play again.
Name:  Donna    E-Mail:   
City:  Ridley Park, pa 
Club:  Tom and Jerrys
11admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday July 15, 2003 - 03:56pm  
I saw you Saturday 6/12/03 for the very first time ever and I am contemplating moving to New York so I can see you more often. I fetl like I was laying on the grass at the E Center in Camden listening to Dave himself. You guys are so terrific the instruments are so exact it is amazing. I had such a great time Saturday, thank you so much for bringing Dave to PA Hope the lead singer is feeling better!!
Name:  souvenirs  
City:  LA, CA US
10admin deleteadmin edit  Saturday July 12, 2003 - 03:58pm  
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09admin deleteadmin edit  Saturday July 12, 2003 - 03:23pm  
Your site is my favorite site i like your design and content. Thank you.
Name:  Jason  
Club:  Village Pub
08admin deleteadmin edit  Friday July 11, 2003 - 05:15pm  
wow, I had no idea some of you guys were involved in an original band. Ants Marching is a great thing but I mainly go to see them because of the lack of quality original music on the Island, would rather see a Grade A cover band than somebody ripping off other's music and calling it their own.
Does the Creep have a web-site? I want to know about upcoming shows and stuff.
Again, you guys do a wonderful job with Ants Marching, yet another worth while evening at the Village Pub last week.
Name:  Ryan    E-Mail:   
Club:  Lion's Den
07admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday July 10, 2003 - 10:06pm  
Saw Ant's Marching at the Lion's Den on the 5th. Awsome show. My friend and I were visting NY from Florida and heard they were playing in the Village. I was wondering if i could get the set list from the show. Thanks.
Name:  Janine  
06admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday July 10, 2003 - 08:30pm  
saw you at the Pub on the 3rd, an enjoyable time as always. keep it up. when I first walked in I thought Ants was already playing because half the band was on stage. After about 2 seconds I realized it was the original band a couple of people told me about. Not my style but my boyfriend and his friend loved it.

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