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February 21, 2002

Hi DMB and Ants Marching Friends and Fans,

Ants Marching has been very busy as of late. We're never too busy to thank all of our friends and DMB fans who celebrate the music of the Dave Matthews Band with us each weekend. Thank you for sharing your good times with us every weekend. Your energy and positive vibes bring out the best in us.

We're very thankful to have the two new band members aboard. Both Tom and Mark have added so much to the band, both musically and professionally. They are enjoyable to watch perform.

Be on the lookout for many new pictures on our website. We recently visited Visual Image Studios, and we are awaiting our new band photo. You should see some new JagerMusic Ants Marching posters soon.

We spent much of this week recording. We will have new mp3's with the new band members up within the next week. We finished recording Ants Marching, Grey Street and Drive In Drive Out. We hope you enjoy.

We'll be at the new and improved "Dave Glicker's The Downtown" this Saturday, February 23. If you haven't seen the renovations that took place, you're in for a major treat. They completely renovated the entire club, and it is 5X the size, and much nicer. We hope to see you on Saturday.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon when......Celebrate We Will!


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