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April 1, 2002

Hi DMB and Ants Marching Friends and Fans,

We have had a very busy and fun month since our last newsletter. We have performed in some new clubs, and we performed live at The Nassau Coliseum!!! It was exciting to sing and look up to see the band live on the big screen that sits above the center of the Coliseum. Additionally exciting was looking up and seeing, "Paul McCartney - Live - April 21." That was cool. Andrew and I will be at that show!

Our debut performance at Willie McBride's in early March was awesome. The crowd's energy was as intense as ever. We thank you, as we feed off of the energy that you guys display. We will be returning there soon!

Special thanks to Krista and the rest of the sorority girls from Sacred Heart for working with us to put together a fun performance on campus at Sacred Heart University. Man was it cold, but it was a fun gig.

We are still working on those recordings of Ants Marching, Grey Street, Drive In Drive Out and Tripping Billies. We have been having some difficulty with the computer's hard drive, but Tom Brown is on it, and it should be ready soon. In the meantime, I will be putting up some live songs that we recorded onto Mini-Disc. We hope you enjoy.

We'll be at the new and improved "Dave Glicker's The Downtown" on Saturday, April 13. Our good friends The Kelly Project will be opening up for us beginning at 9:30PM. If you haven't seen the renovations that took place, you're in for a major treat. They completely renovated the entire club, and it is 5X the size, and much nicer. We hope to see you there. Please visit our "Upcoming Gigs" page for other shows, including our debut in Brooklyn and a return to The Chance Theater.

Huge thanks to our devoted DMB and Ants Marching fans Amy and Jared for their help in promoting our Nassau Coliseum show. We appreciate it guys!

We're looking forward to seeing all of you at the DMB shows in MSG on April 15 & 16!!

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon when......Celebrate We Will!


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