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Mark Verdino - Bass Guitar / Background Vocals

I started playing electric bass when I was about 16 or so. The typical rock thing, I was big into Dream Theater at the time. When I was a senor in high school I started playing upright bass in the school orchestra, I also played electric bass in the jazz band. Since beginning, I have studied with John Patitucci, Harvie Swartz, Mike Frost, Chris Minh Doky, Sonny Dallas, Chris McGrath and Richard Stephen.

In 1996, I was accepted into the Crane School of Music. I played in the orchestra and in the Jazz Ensemble all four years I was there. With the Jazz Ensemble, I played an opening set for the famous DIVA big band, and played additionally alongside world famous jazz artists as John Riley, Jim Snidero, Scott Wienholt, Dick Oatts, Conrad Herwig and Tonight Show drummer Ed Shanessey. I performed at the Notre Dame Jazz Festival where I won several awards. I continued playing electric bass and performed with the R&B band, “Grey Storm.” I also performed in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Good Will games in Lake Placid, NY, where I worked with LA composer Les Hooper.

My musical tastes were changing and I grew heavy into jazz and Latin music. I played in the Crane Latin Ensemble, where we performed in concert with the world-renowned salsa trombonist Chris Washburn. During this time I formed my own salsa band and played in local bars.

Mark Verdino at Mulcahy's - Click for Larger Image

I graduated in Crane in 2000 with my degree in music education. I’ve since worked in New York City where I’ve played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, recorded movie soundtracks for several independent movie labels, and recorded for some public access radio stations.

I am currently living in Manhattan and attending the Manhattan School of Music where I’m pursuing my Masters degree in Jazz Performance. Here I’m playing in the Jazz Band and the Afro Cuban Ensemble led by world-renowned percussionist Bobby Sanabria.

While I was a freshman at the Crane School, I lived two dorm rooms down from Craig Knapp. He graduated after my first year there and went into the world of teaching. I never thought I would hear his voice years later on the phone saying, “ I’m looking for a new bass player for Ants Marching, know anyone?” Well when I got that call I couldn’t resist. I started rehearsing with Ants Marching soon after that and here I am.

Mark Verdino at The Downtown - Click for Larger Image
Mark Verdino at The Nassau Coliseum - Click for Larger Image Mark Verdino at The Downtown - Click for Larger Image Mark Verdino at The Conduit - Click for Larger Image

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