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In last month's poll, you voted Mulcahy's as your favorite live music venue to see Ants Marching perform. Thank you for your voice. This month's poll will be a bit different.

Ants Marching began this project to celebrate the music of the Dave Matthews Band about two years ago. Our goal was to do our best to replicate their music as authentically as possible. We had earlier tossed around the idea of writing our own songs. However, we didn't want to be disrespectful to the Dave Matthews Band. We didn't want to use their success as a steppingstone and avenue to present our own songs. Over the last year, we have received incredible feedback from our fans and people who come to our shows, wanting and waiting for us to play some of our own songs also. Well, we want to hear your voice. Should Ants Marching write and perform their own songs too?


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